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By JIMMY BASS, Special to The Paper

September is upon us and hopefully as you read this, the thermostat has begun its seasonal descent posthaste. We certainly had a hot summer at the Coweta Public Library System as we hit high marks for circulation, programming, and contest participation.

The CPLS staff checked out over 86,000 items to our citizens in just the months of June and July! I thank our staff and you, our customers, for making us a fun and vital part of you and your family’s lives. But we will not rest on laurels, we remain in high gear and invite you to check out the calendar at or just drop in to check us out. 

I do enjoy reading (obviously), but I also love recommending titles, so this month I would like to mention some titles along with a sentence or two about the highlighted books…

The Couple’s Trip by Ulf Kvensler – I loved this atmospheric hiking trip thriller based in Sweden so much that I talked my wife into reading it. She loved it too as you will… and you will never guess the excellent ending. Vivid imagery and tons of tension makes this vacation into quite the scenic nightmare. 

The Spider by Lars Kepler – Here we are back in Sweden again with one of my favorite protagonists, Detective Joona Linn. Kepler is actually a husband-wife writing team who know how to ratchet the tension and explore the emotional twists needed for a taut thriller. Linn is after a killer again and this one is compiling quite a scary body count. 

The Wager by David Grann – One reviewer calls this book a tour-de-force of narrative nonfiction and I agree. This atmospheric tale of shipwreck and survival will have you almost feeling the cold salty winds that challenged and tormented these sailors at every turn. This will be a movie, no doubt.

The Bathysphere Book by Brad Fox – The first ever voyage to the bottom of the sea was even more than history, research, and seeing the secrets of the ocean’s depths for the first time. In this neat book, poetry and romance also play roles. A fun and interesting read about the waters that make up more than 70% of the surface of our planet. 

Bad Summer People by Emma Rosenbaum – An exclusive summer haven is filled with infidelity, backstabbing, and even murder. This is a wicked fun and whip-smart debut! And it’s okay to read this summer hottie out of season…

Hang the Moon by Jeanette Walls – I really liked this story and the heroine. Following her triumphs and defeats, as she grows into herself all the while, is a treat and Walls’s beautiful writing only lifts this title higher in my esteem. You will fall in love with young Sally Kincaid on the first page, trust me. 

Essex Dogs by Dan Jones – This historical novel set during the 100 Years War won me over quickly and now I await the upcoming books of what will be a trilogy. The Dogs, an unruly platoon of roughneck soldiers, battle for country, plunder, and the plain fun of it! The characters are as funny as they are tough. 

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus – This one is so good on so many levels, it is no doubt that it is being mentioned for national awards. The title may throw some folks off, but this is laugh-out-loud and shrewdly observant novel that has many things to say about the status quo. 

Happy Reading and come check us out at the library or at!

Jimmy Bass is director of the Coweta Public Library System. He also plays a mean guitar and sings at local venues.

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