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We are pretty hard-core popcorn fanatics at our house. So much so, I argue that popcorn is a vegetable – therefore healthy. I mean, it is “popped” corn right?

Anyway, we’ve used pots, air poppers, microwaves, foil wraps, and everything else. Nothing was perfect.

Until now.

And our device of choice is the simple Chinese wok. Yep.

Face it, do you really use your wok that much or is one of those kitchen items that’s buried in the back of some cabinet taking up space. If you’re debating finally throwing it away because you have no use for it, now you do.

Here’s how to make perfect popcorn.

– Put the wok on the stove and turn to medium to medium-high heat. You’re going to have to experiment with this.

– Put in 5 kernels of corn.

– Cover with oil – your preference – but make sure all the kernels are covered and then add just a little bit more.

– Cover the wok

– Go start watching a movie or read a book or something.

– After all five kernels have popped, add a cup of popcorn kernels to the wok.

– You can add a little more oil at this point. You want to make sure all the kernels are coated, so stir the kernels a little  to get them covered.

– Put the lid back on and go do something.

– Every now and then, maybe two or three times, just lift the lid slightly to let out the steam. This ensures the popped kernels don’t get soggy.

– As the kernels really get popping, you might want to turn down the heat slightly. Again, mileage varies depending on your stove.

– Near the end, give the wok a good shake or two so the remaining kernels go to the bottom.

– The popcorn is ready when the kernels stop popping for more than two seconds.

– Salt, add butter, whatever.

– Enjoy.

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