The Interview – Gary Welden


Briefly describe yourself and what you do

I am the husband of Brenda, the father of James and Matthew and the grandfather of five of the smartest kids on earth.  My son James and I own Welden Financial on Spring Street in Newnan where we do Financial Planning and Wealth Management. My family is active in the Newnan First Methodist Church and I am a member of the Newnan Kiwanis Club.

Best business advice you’ve ever received?

It was to do something you enjoy doing and always do what is in the best interest of your client.

If I had it to do over again?

I would not change much. If I had to name one thing, it would be to travel and spend more time with the kids when they were young.

You are going on an extended solo trip. What three albums and three books would you take?

Always take a hard copy of the Bible. If I was going be where I could play an album, I would take my iPhone and listen to biographies of the founding fathers of our country.

You are hosting a dinner party for six. What five people, living or dead, would you invite and why?

My parents and their parents. I know that is six, but my ancestors were all married. I always enjoyed listening to them talk while they were alive and I miss them.

Name an as yet unfulfilled dream

The one dream I have is to form and fund a foundation to support education and the arts in our community,, mainly music and the performing arts.  

If you weren’t doing what you are, you would be …

If I was not doing what I am doing I would be sad. I am enjoying life.

Dogs or cats?

Neither.  Nothing aggravates me more than being out enjoying life with someone and they have to go home to let the dog out or they cannot go somewhere because the dog will miss them. Pets are for old people and kids.

Your favorite quote and why

Walt Disney “If you can dream it you can do it.”

What advice would you give your younger self just starting out on their own?

Try it, you can do it. It may take more than one try. Failing only hurts for a short while, succeeding feels good as long as you can remember.

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