The Trends – June 2017


By Corby Carlin Winters

Layering bangles, bracelets and cuffs

Stacking and layering bracelets, necklaces and rings is so hot! I love to layer, layer, layer. I always have but it is so popular right now. Someone once said to me “I can’t believe you wear such big jewelry and so much for such a short  person. Oh well, I must say I do love “big” jewelry and layering it is indeed my thing and for many others.  

You can find great jewelry everywhere in our neck of the woods, from thrift shops to consignment shops and local speciality stores.  Jewelry  can add fun, whimsy or sophistication to any outfit for women of all ages. If you layer cuffs and bracelets you may want to then go less on the necklaces. But I have friends that go all out and layer everything at all the same time and it totally works.

Men layer too and for some of them they wear it so very well. Rockin B Antiques is a bit of a legend since Barbara in booth 109 began selling her fabulous jewelry.  Women will shop and literally spend an hour in Barbara’s booth, which she loves to call the Gathering of the Goddesses. Most importantly is our style in individualized, so again go with what you love and let your personality shine.

The Staycation

Summer vacations are a big deal, often more to children than to their parents. Not everyone can afford that special trip but let’s say you do. The vacation scenario looks a bit like this …

You plan the trip, it’s time to go.  You start packing which seems endless. You gather snacks for the trip.   You board your animals and and everyone loads in the car.  And of course in the first ten minutes one of the munchkins asks that infamous question “are we there yet?” Honestly,  I am already tired thinking about the trip.

Here just some ideas for your staycation ~ Get your bikes and head to Peachtree City and have lunch at one of their many fabulous restaurants or get a latte at Starbucks and dessert to take to the park.  If you are a hiking person head to The Chattahoochee Bend and follow an orienteering path created by The Eldest Son of Thunder for his for his Eagle Project.  I promise you will have great family bonding time.

Also just head to downtown Newnan, shop, eat and fellowship. If you are a Walking Dead fan then go right over to Senoia and take in all the sights, eat and shop in their wonderful stores  You might also want to head up to Serenbe and walk the labyrinth and have dinner at The Hill.  But let me be perfectly hones,t my favorite words I like to hear at a staycation is ” Miss Winters it is time for your massage and facial,” Now that is my kind of staycation.

Purchases with a Greater Purpose Can Be A Blessing

Businesses in our local communities are working to change the world and the lives of men, women and children everywhere. Greenhouse Mercantile in downtown Newnan is one of those stores that gives back through the merchandise they sell on East Washington. Owner Kenya Brantley offers a collection of unique curated goods. Kenya sells merchandise that gives back and helps those around the world from selling their beautiful handcrafted leather bags called “Live fashionably.” When you purchase one of these bag you help women in Ethiopia.  You can also find colorful pillowcases made locally in Newnan by Erin Lamb, a young artist and philanthropist who has been spotlighted in The New York Times.  For each sale a portion is given back to help children go to school Guatemala.

Blue Moon Boutique,  also in downtown Newnan, is owned by Gay Koran carries the TOMS brand. That includes TOMS shoes, sunglasses and handbags. If you purchase any handbag women are given  birth kits, the sale of sunglasses provides eye care and for the sale of each pair of shoes a pair of shoes is given.  

One Roof  Ecumnical Minisrty uses its thrift shop sales to help those in our community.  They offer financial assistance, a food pantry, and some life encouragement,  When you spend money then your purchases go to helping others.  

A Healthy Glowing Face

Facial sheets and under eye boosts are all the rage in Hollywood and even in our neck of the woods.  Looking and staying young is a multi-billion dollar business and it continues to grow.  Many women experience ageism.  

However, often men catch a bit of a break on this one. Men can age and no one seems to judge them. But let’s be honest, women are not so lucky. But taking care of your skin and health is important at any age, eating right, drinking lots of water are great way to keep your skin young  and vibrant.

Moisturizers and sunblock are critical for longer term care of your skin for years to come.  There are many products and skincare lines but the most important thing is to find what works best for you, your skin and gives you the results you want.  But don’t be fooled, products can only do so much and whether our friends are telling you are not some are definitely going under the needle for botox and other fillers.  Do not be so quick judge. But I will say these facial sheets are awesome and you can find them all over the area at various price levels.

Rucking or Hiking – Call It What You Want ~  It is Exercise

So recently Winters learned all about a new activity called Rucking. Best yet, so did I. However, as I overheard the video Winters was listening too I was certain they were talking about good old hiking. Something we have done for years while living in Alaska and also being a part of Boy Scouts.  

But I was wrong, evidently if you put on a back pack, grab a hiking stick and start walking around your neighbourhood,  then you are rucking.  But do the very same thing woods it is called hiking.  This makes me laugh a bit because I certain some city folks are spending a lot of money to get specialized Rucking gear. And maybe they need it.  Good news is if it get men and women exercising then that is awesome.  The important key is to stay healthy. We must exercise.

So before you run out and spend loads of money buying an official rucking backpack, do your research.  You just might grab a backpack from your garage and put some hand weights or heavy books in the back. I have done this many times and had no idea I was actually Rucking.   

The most important thing you need to know is get busy hiking, Oh, I meant to say Rucking.  Call it rucking, hiking, walking.  Bottom line is exercise and get moving.

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