The Music – July 2018


Summer is gettin’ hotter, summer storms are popping up and music is in the air here in Coweta County. Look for the rescheduling of a few acts from Sounds of Summer at Ashley Park due to weather and listen for some of your favorite local musical artists and bands to take the stage, providing multi-genre, acoustic, full band, singer/songwriter or cover tunes to dance to in a venue or a park near you. Support Local and Live music-see you at a show soon!

19 W Court Square
Newnan, Ga
(770) 683-2526

July 7th 9:30 p.m. Wyatt Band
14th 5-7 p.m. Musicology Rock Band camp
14th 9 p.m. Josh Purgason
21st 9:30 p.m. Lerogie-Hendrix/Cream Tribute
27th 9:30 p.m. Four Ts
28th 9 p.m. Southern Floyd Tribute Band

The Cellar
20 Jefferson Street
Newnan, Ga
(770) 683-6328

July 12th 8 p.m. James Arthur
13th 8 p.m.The Adventures of Annabelle Lyn
14th 9 p.m. Joe Jack Band * based in Rockabilly & 50’s rock
19th 7 p.m. Daniel Toole *singer/songwriter plays from the heart
20th 9 p.m. Battlefield Collective
21st 9 p.m. 1st & First
26th 7 p.m. Janine
August 18th Wild Eyed Dream

2 E Court Square
Newnan, Ga
(770) 683-9545

July 18th 5-9 p.m.Sarah Brummett
20th 6 p.m. Matt Moskal
21st 6 p.m. Larry Mills
27th 6 p.m. Lerogie
28th 6 p.m. Ellis Lowerey
August 4th 6 p.m. James Sennett

Fatboys Bar & Grill
485 Highway 16 W
Newnan, Ga
(770) 755-6909

Open Mic every Tuesday
July 10th 7 p.m. hosted by Josh Rogers

Half Shell Oyster Bar & Hot Dog Shop
1690 Highway 34 E
Newnan, Ga
(770) 502-9911

July 10th 6 p.m. Whiskey Magnolia
17th 6 p.m. Ron & Jon
19th 6 p.m. Blaire
24th 6 p.m. Charlie Hudgins
26th 6 p.m. Josh Purgason
31st 6 p.m. Lerogie

Vinylyte Records/Brown’s Guitar Mill
28 S. Court Square
Newnan, Ga
(770) 282-0237

July 21st 7 p.m. Focus on the songwriter, featuring some of the best local & regional artists, This month features Emma Bacon, Tyler Wallace, Adam Goodale, Emily Stilwell, & Daniel Toole!

Summer NewnanNights!
Greenville Street Park 6-8 p.m.
Family friendly music, food trucks & various activities

July 12th The FOUR Ts
August 9th Kris Youmans Band

80 Newnan Station
Newnan, Ga
(770) 683-2790

July 11th 8-11 P.M. Fireball Micro Music Fest
Open Mic Atlanta, featuring some of the best emerging artists on the Southside
July 13th Melissa Crispo ( SSA Songwriter of the year in 2017)
& KISER (Local favorite alternative rock band offering an energetic live show)
July 28th Charles Lee Gilbert w/ Chris Boise

2850 Highway 54
Peachtree City, Ga
(770) 486-2696

July 7th 9 p.m. Sippin on Southern
13th 9 P.M. Hunter Callahan
14th 9 P.M. One Hit Wonderland
20th 9 P.M. Wild Eyed Dream
July 21st 9 P.M. Six Lug Rally
27th 9 :30 P.M. Back N Black (ACDC Tribute Band)
28th 9 P.M. Eley Road

335 Summergrove Pkwy
Newnan, Ga
(770) 251-1800

July 13th Wild Eyed Dream
20th STIL
21st Meansville
27th Off Ramp
August 10th Full Circle
17th Off Ramp
18th Wild Eyed Dream
24th Wild Eyed Dream
31st Table 18

1st Saturday of every month 10 a.m. on the courthouse steps

Whether you play an instrument or just want to gather ‘round you’ll enjoy a 10 year tradition of pickin on the square! Everyone Welcome

(Kris Youmans is originally from Savannah, GA where she was part of the River Street music scene early on and is greatly influenced by music of the southern culture. Kris’ interests are focused on local music, organizing music fundraisers, her three grown children, life on Pierce Chapel & Hank the Dog who also has an ear for music!. Contact Kris with questions, comments, suggestions or just to say you like her column [email protected])

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