UPDATE: Coweta sets records for cases, infection rate


UPDATE (3:50 pm, Wednesday) – Per the Georgia Department of Public Health, Coweta County continued to set records regarding COVID-19 today. Coweta confirmed a record-setting 293 cases Wednesday, shattering the previous high of 182 set on Christmas Day. In addition, Coweta posted a two-week infection rate of 31.0 percent today, bettering yesterday’s two-week rate record of 26.9 percent. There were no deaths reported today but 16 hospitalizations. For the month, Coweta has had 1,948 cases (new record), 10 deaths and 127 hospitalizations (2nd-highest). Also on Wednesday, Georgia set a new daily record with 13,781 confirmed cases.

From Staff Reports

Coweta County confirmed over 100 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday for the sixth time in seven days, per the daily report from the Georgia Department of Public Health.

The county had 118 new COVID-19 cases yesterday including 1 death and 9 hospitalizations. Coweta’s last seven days has produced 989 COVID-19 cases or 141.3 per day, the highest number of cases and daily rate average for the county in a 7-day period since the pandemic began.

Coweta’s two-week infection rate registered at 26.9 yesterday, which was a new record-high that shattered the previous best of 22.1 percent on Jan. 7, 2021.

For the month of December, Coweta County now has 1,655 cases (59.1 per day), 10 deaths and 111 hospitalizations. Three categories – cases, cases per day and hospitalization totals are the 2nd-most for a month, trailing only 1,866 cases in January 2021, 60.2 cases per day in January 2021 and 199 hospitalizations in September 2021.

Statewide on Tuesday, Georgia confirmed 8,295 new COVID-19 cases with 36 deaths, 396 hospitalizations and 12 ICU admits. The two-week infection rate across the state is at 21.0 percent. (Note: Winters Media and Publishing only uses confirmed cases in cumulative totals and does not include probable)

The one patient census category on the significant rise in the past week has been COVID patients hospitalized in Georgia. On Tuesday, that number was 2,208 or 14.0 percent of all patients hospitalized in the state. It’s an increase of 898 from a week ago, but is far below the record-high of 6,032 and 35.7 percent set on Sept. 7, 2021.

Through yesterday, Georgia is at a 53 percent fully vaccinated rate with 30 percent both fully vaccinated and with a booster shot. Coweta County is at 46 percent fully vaccinated and 31 percent both fully and with a booster. 

Cumulative-wise, Coweta County has confirmed 14,694 cases, 357 deaths and 985 hospitalizations since the pandemic started. 

Below is Coweta County’s 7-day total from Dec. 22 to Dec. 28 for cases, deaths and hospitalizations.

Wednesday, Dec. 22 … 13,847 cases (+142), 356 deaths (+1), 936 hospitalizations (+6)
Thursday, Dec. 23 … 14,020 cases (+173), 356 deaths (0), 941 hospitalizations (+5)
Friday, Dec. 24 … 14,193 cases (+173), 356 deaths (0), 954 hospitalizations (+13)
Saturday, Dec. 25 … 14,375 cases (+182), 356 deaths (0), not available
Sunday, Dec. 26 … 14,491 cases (+116), 356 deaths (0), not available
Monday, Dec. 27 … 14,576 cases (+85), 356 deaths (0), 976 hospitalizations (+22**)
Tuesday, Dec. 28 … 14,694 cases (+118), 357 deaths (+1), 985 hospitalizations (+9)

** denotes 3-day total (Saturday-Sunday-Monday)

The Daily Status Report generated by the Georgia Department of Public Health publishes Monday thru Friday at 3 p.m. To access this daily report, visit: https://dph.georgia.gov/covid-19-daily-status-report.

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