Carnegie Library’s Urda participates in NaNo Challenge


From Special Reports

The Newnan Carnegie Library’s adult programmer, Anthony Urda, has taken on the formidable National Novel Writing Month challenge.

The National Novel Writing Month challenge (or NaNo for short) is a challenge where the participants are to write 50,000 words for their own novel idea throughout the month of November. To break that down, it’s 1,667 words written a day!

“I first heard about this challenge in college when I was writing stage plays, and I thought, ‘I could never do this,’ but you really don’t know until you give it a shot. So that’s what I’m doing!” says Urda.

When asked about what he was writing, Anthony described his work in progress novel as a gothic horror/vampire story that meets a Christmas story.

Anthony started his novel-writing process very recently when he interviewed “Chilling Effect” and “Prime Deceptions” author, Hometown Novel Night alumni, and NaNo Atlanta Municipal Liaison, Valerie Valdes; the entire interview can be found on the Carnegie YouTube page.

Anthony will be updating his progress for the entire city of Newnan to keep up with through the Newnan Carnegie Library Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube platforms.

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