Coweta Parents Can Opt for Face-to-Face Instruction During November 2-5 Sign-up


Coweta School System students and parents will again have an opportunity to change their student’s instructional model, between November 2 and 5.

Parents can visit the dashboard on each school’s website to see current face-to-face enrollment numbers and class sizes as they make a decision about their student’s options, and will be able to to sign up to change options through a form on each school website.

Two options remain for students – virtual instruction (Empower online) or face-to-face instruction.   Changes will become effective Monday, November 16 and continue through the end of the first semester on December 18.

Parents who do not wish to change their student’s current instructional option will not need to act.

Middle and high schools have phased out hybrid scheduling models for in-person instruction.  Otherwise, Coweta schools are continuing to follow all mitigative measures designed to guard against COVID-19 infection, including required face masks or coverings for students in grades 2 – 12.

The school system will again ask parents to consider their students’ instructional models for the upcoming second semester, during a December 7 through 11 sign-up period.

Parents will be asked at that time to consider whether their student should choose face-to-face or Empower online instruction starting January 5.  Parents will be asked to commit to the in-person or online format throughout the entirety of the second semester, from January through the end of May.

 “Our schools, district administration, and health services will continue to monitor and adjust our plans as necessary as we navigate through this school year,” said Horton.  “As always, I appreciate our school system faculty and staff members, and I appreciate the grace and support of our families and community.”

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