Dees elected as Coweta County Board of Education Chair


From Coweta County Schools Press Release

The Coweta County Board of Education elected member Amy Dees to serve as Board of Education Chair for 2019.

The Board held election of officers during its first meeting of 2019, on January 8. Dees represents the residents in Coweta 1st school board district, and has served as the board’s Vice-Chair for two years. 3rd district board member Beth Barnett was elected to serve as the board’s Vice-Chair, and Winston Dowdell was elected to serve as Board Treasurer.

Dees succeeds At-Large board member Larry Robertson as board Chairman.

Superintendent Steve Barker thanked Robertson for his service as Board Chair for the past two years.  “I appreciate the job you’ve done,” Barker told Robertson.  “I have appreciated your professionalism and your willingness to always do what is best for children.”

“Thank you for this honor,” Dees said to her fellow board members.  She joined Barker in thanking Robertson for his terms as board chairman, and said that she has benefited by observing him and past chairs Frank Farmer, Winston Dowdell and Sue Brown serve in the role in past years.

Dees is the second woman to serve as Board Chair, following Brown’s previous years leading the Coweta County Board of Education.

The Coweta County Board of Education is comprised of seven members, including five district representatives and two at-large members elected county-wide.  Board members serve without compensation.

The Coweta County Board of Education meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m., at the 237 Jackson Street, Newnan Board of Education office.

A list of board members,  meeting times and links to school board meeting agendas can be found by clicking here.

Coweta County Board of Education member Amy Dees was elected to serve as Board Chairman by her fellow members, at the board’s first meeting in 2019 on January 8.  Dees, above, center, succeeds at-large member Larry Robertson, above left, who has served as Chairman for two years.  3rd District member Beth Barnett, right, was elected 2019 Board Vice-Chair.

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