February Trends: Flowing Tops, Shoes, Tools, and Letting Go


By Corby Carlin Winters, Public Relations & Marketing

Each month, this Trends & Trendsetters column covers some of the hot trends from health and wellness, fashion and style, business or even tapping into your creative side. There are so many new trends happening in social media, politics, business and fashion. Look for 2020 to be filled with many new ones while still holding on to those timeless trends.

Big Flowing Tops are a wonderful addition to any woman’s wardrobe
For some reason, we keep lucking out that big, fun and flowing tops are as popular as ever. They also come in all kinds of material, like silk, wool or cotton. Another great thing about them besides great comfort, is they can also help camouflage some of less flattering areas. You can dress up or down with tops and they go with just about anything.

Shoes, Boots

The end of season sales are always a perfect time to pick up a pair of shoes or boots that just call your name. The key is to make sure you adore them and it’s what you “need.”
Be able to ask yourself, “is this me?” And if so, go ahead. The joy of shoes is they don’t care if you’ve gained a couple of pounds.

An Essential for Every Tool Shed
There are certain tools that everyone should have in their tool shed. Besides the basics, everyone needs a good chainsaw. Now if you are looking for one heck of a chainsaw, check out Jack Peek’s Sales in Palmetto.  Winters and I have laughed a lot about a chain saw he bought years ago for me. It looked like a toy Barbie might use. I guess, in his defense, he was trying to look out for me, but please.

Letting Go of the Old
In my last column, I wrote about letting go of the stuff that holds you back. My mom struggled with stuff and loved beautiful things – just too much of them. Please check out my website at www.corbywinters.com for a few more articles I wrote that may help you get started in letting go and moving forward.

Think Outside the box of chocolates
John Winters has always called Valentine’s Day “Obligatory Day.” He thinks it is silly to be “required” to show love and affection on one special day. However, we differ greatly on his interpretation. I see no harm in taking one day to show extra love and, as Winters calls it “fawning.”

Here are some ideas on being creative this Valentine’s Day, rather than candy, give the gift of reading and visit our local libraries; any gift card involving shoes would be greatly appreciated; and a massage at one of our many spas is always a great idea. And remember, you can never tell someone enough how much you love them.


Corby Winters is known to many as a Power Shopper, the Little Black Dress and a life stylist. She’s crazy about shoes, clothes, accessories, and of course leopard prints. She loves writing, speaking, ministering, life coaching and being with friends, Winters and the SONS of Thunder.

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