Front Porch Stories: Beware of those cute, door-to-door salesmen


By KATHY BOHANNON, Special to The Weekly

As a rule I do not open my door for salesmen. But the one that came last weekend was worth every single dollar I gave him. 

I first saw him on my security camera. There he stood, politely waiting for someone to answer the door. He was clearly well trained in his field because he even stepped back after knocking with hands folded in a very professional manner. 

It was so easy to just open the door to this guy that clearly had something to sell. Whatever it was, he had it in huge black bags that he had hauled by wheelbarrow. And it was a really big wheelbarrow. 

“This guy” was my seven-year old grandlittle Jack. 

I opened the door and greeted the cutest little salesman ever. “Whatcha’ got in that wheelbarrow?” I asked. He gestured by pointing over his shoulder. “Oh, that? It’s pine straw that I raked up and bagged all by myself! And if you don’t mind me saying, it sure looks like you need some.” 

I didn’t mind him saying, but it was hard to resist scooping him up and hugging him. I had to remember this was a professional visit and must be treated as such. 

“Hmmm. So where exactly do I need pine straw?” I asked. He was more than happy to demonstrate. 

“Well,” he said as he pointed under the bushes, “You need it here, and here, and definitely right here.” He then walked over to the side of the house. “Have you even seen this?” he asked. “You’re going to need both bags!” 

What he said was true. We could sure use some pine straw under those bushes. “Well, how much is a bag?” I asked. 

“It’s ten dollars per bag,” he said with assurance. “But if you get two bags,” he stopped to count on his fingers. “It will be twenty… um… that’s right, twenty dollars a bag.” That smile and those blue eyes just melted me right then and there. I’m sure my husband is glad Jack didn’t say fifty per bag, because I would pay anything at this point. 

“Will you spread it for us?” I wasn’t sure how much of his services he offered. “Not for just ten dollars a bag, sorry!” he shrugged his shoulders. “But it’s still a great deal!” 

I gave him the money and he placed both bags (which were almost as big as he is) on the porch. I suggested he put the bill in his pocket, but he said both pockets have holes in them. He clenched the bill in his hand and grabbed the handles of that big wheelbarrow and started to leave. 

He paused for a moment and ran back to me. “Did I tell you that now I have enough money to take Claire to the movies?” He flashed that smile and those baby blues, and at that moment I felt like Claire is about to be the luckiest girl in second grade. 

It was dark by now, and I watched him push that huge wheelbarrow from our cul-de-sac to his. I waved at my son who was watching him from their driveway. 

A few days later as we were leaving the subdivision, we met up with our daughter in law and the kids. Jack rolled his window down. “Grandma Bo! Guess what?” I couldn’t imagine. “She said YES!” 

My heart skipped a bit, knowing that while I will remember this for the rest of my life, I’m thinking there’s a little girl named Claire who will also remember the sweetest boy ever.

Kathy Bohannon is a freelance writer and Christian entertainer. She can be reached at [email protected] 


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    $ 50.00 a bag sure sounds reasonable to me. How lucky you are to have such a sweet well mannered salesman come to your door. I commend you on your restraint from hugging and kissing the salesman. I’m sure since this was such an easy sale, he will be back, have your $20.00 ready.

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