Front Porch Stories: The Seasons of Life


By KATHY BOHANNON, Special to The Weekly

When we think of seasons, we often think of the four that span from January until December. The life experiences that change us can be considered “seasons” of life. I’m in a whole new season now, and the road that has led up to this time has been a variety of challenges and successes. 

My dad and I had a conflict that began when I was thirteen and continued until my late forties. Thanks to the encouragement from my brother, we eventually worked things out. The season that began at age thirteen helped me to grow extremely independent; earning my own money, relying on myself, and making adult decisions even though I was far too young to make those decisions. 

Without a doubt my mom and grandmother were praying for me because I was faced with circumstances that could have altered my life in very negative ways during that time. Instead, it helped shape me to be the adult I am today. 

Starting married life in another state without a phone, was another season. I’m sure this one was more difficult for my mom than for me, but it was a season nonetheless. I had to manage a home and also a job for the first time in my life, and it was a good fit. 

Having kids was like a season of non-stop spring time and thunderstorms, sometimes all at once. There was nothing to prepare me for the daily responsibilities that suddenly encompassed me and my reason to exist. I had no idea how much love I could have for another human being until I held my child in my arms. Ever since that first moment, I’ve said that I cannot imagine the depth of unconditional love that God has for each of us. As a new mom, I would have died on the spot for either of my children, and God loves us even more than that. He gave His only son for every single one of us. 

I cannot comprehend that amount of love. 

As I look back, most of the seasons tumble into one another. Somewhere along the way I blinked, and our kids went off to college, got married and had kids of their own. I can’t even count the number of seasons between having babies and becoming a grandparent, because at age 64, they all seem to blend together like bold colors in a beautiful painting. 

Though most just blend together, there are seasons that become cornerstones in our lives. The season for my family and I that stopped us in our tracks was the diagnosis of cancer in our 16-month-old grandlittle. 

She is almost nine and doing great now, and that season of life will forever take up a lot of space in my heart. I was half of her care team, and I saw God in so many ways during her treatment. It was when I asked God for His will, and let go of the reigns for the first time in my life. I grew more in that season than ever before. I grew in faith. I grew in courage. I grew in acceptance. 

I’m thankful for all of the seasons, though some have been harder than others. I don’t know what seasons we will have before all is said and done, but I trust that God knows. He has already shown me how to shelter from the storms, and that’s good enough for me.

Kathy Bohannon is a Christian humorist and inspirational speaker. She can be reached at [email protected] .


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    I just read this before heading to church and what a wonderful sermon on life! God is good and always a prayer away.

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