Local Girl Scouts Troop complete Bronze Award


From Special Reports

Girl Scouts Troop 18004 reached the highest honor for Junior Girl Scouts last week in completing work for their Bronze Award.

To earn the Bronze Award, Troop 18004 completed 20 hours of community service working with Crystal McCormick, a volunteer at Newnan Theatre Company, Coweta’s home for non-profit theatre entertainment. 

The 5th grade girls attend Arbor Springs Elementary and Moreland Elementary Schools.  They spent time touring and learning about the Newnan Theatre Company.  For their project, they built signs and a map for the actors/stage crew to identify where all supplies and costumes were kept within storage.  The signs and map can easily be moved and rearranged as the theatre grows or relocates supplies. 

“Newnan Theatre Company is a part of the Coweta Community and we were happy to help them,” said Brielle Baker, age 11.

To find out how you can donate or volunteer at Newnan Theatre Company, visit www.newnantheatre.org.

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