Mr. Personality: April and the return of Spring


By MR. PERSONALITY, Special to The Paper

April, the month of Good Friday and Easter. I am truly excited that Market Day is coming back to the Courthouse Square and with the return of Spring weather perhaps we can return back to the good old days, before COVID-19.

I am truly blessed that the virus has failed to steal my joy. I am, however, aware that others have not been as fortunate. Let’s please pray for them.

My spiritual journey of the past eight years is now leading me into the world of higher consciousness, teaching me to become more fully aware of my surroundings, my behavior and my God-given purpose than ever before.

This has pretty much become a path within a path, or to put it another way, a journey within a journey. The past eight years have indeed been a blessing and I cannot express in mere words how much fun and joy I am experiencing every day, twenty-four seven.

My old age experience, in spite of being a struggle due to my declining flesh and blood body and short-term memory loss, is indeed blessed with a renewed spirit and purpose that keeps me in a constant state of euphoria all the time.

I am indeed delighted to have the opportunity to write my God-given spiritual love letters to the many kindred spirits on my mailing list. In fact, my Mr Personality column is also a spiritual love letter of sorts, in and of itself.

I am having much fun with my Mr. Personality’s Awesome Art, also known as my envelope art, folk art and fantasy art, in which I amuse myself by drawing colorful characters as well as fantasy landscapes on the fronts and backs of each envelope.

I have also started making colorful drawings on each page of my letters just to create a more interesting look and excitement for the reader, as well as myself. A win/win.

My book of the month is an example of my deep interests and fascination of the honey bee. These busy bees are crucial to our very survival. They literally work themselves to death, generation after generation ever since the beginning of time.

I collect bee books and with my memory loss no matter how many times I read about anything, it is as for the first time. I do love honey and the effect it truly takes on the part of the bees just to provide me with one spoonful of honey is indeed amazing. My book of the month is titled “Beekeeping,” by Joachim Petterson, a fascinating read.

I suggest everyone who loves honey read up on the life of honey bees. You may come to appreciate them even more.

Until next time, love and respect,

Mr. Personality

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