Mr. Personality – October


October is my favorite month, the changing colors of the leaves, pumpkins being selected by children for Halloween and best of all cooler weather – no more sticky clothes.

The best kept secret of all of Georgia, the Courthouse Square, presents the treasure of the month, Broadway Hi Fashions. This is my favorite men’s store, most of what you see me wearing comes from this fantastic store. The owner, Harry, has been there for 30 years and truly is good at his job.

There is a standing suit special that consists of a two-piece suit, one dress shirt, silk tie with hanky, one pair of dress shoes and one pair of socks all for $169.95. Plus they have a layaway plan.

You can find all well known brands in hats, shirts, watches and men’s cologne. I got my red top hat and fancy cane there. Be sure to check out the latest in fashion jewelry, there is a large selection to choose from.

There is such a large selection of everything that you need to be the best dressed man in Newnan, and all in one location. I suggest you go see for yourself and be sure to wear your sunglasses as everything is in such bright colors.

Broadway Hi-Fashions is located at 6 Jackson St. on the right hand side as you head toward the Courthouse Square. Hours are Mon-Thur, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Fri-Sat, 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Be sure to tell them Mr. Personality sent you.

Question? What do Let Them Eat Toffee, Newnan Art Depot, One Divine Design, Candy Vogue, Wildwood Trader, Typo Market, The Visitor Center and Christy’s Cafe and Mega Mattress on Temple Avenue all have in common with each other?

Answer, my Mr. Personality 2018 calendars, which are in each of these stores on sale for a mere pittance of $20. Proceeds go to the Newnan-Coweta Historical Society and Angel’s House. They make great stocking stuffers come this Christmas.

My Mr. Personality 2018 calendar will give you a classic example of the many exciting suits and hats and shoes you can find at Broadway Hi-Fashions.

I want to give a thumbs up to the Homecoming parade held on Sept. 21. I truly enjoyed all the many bands and floats, as well as watching the joy on the faces of the crowd as float after float passed by.

Everyone was in good spirits and all were having a good time. It was a long parade that was still too short for me. I wish I could have gone down to the Greenville Street Park, but I was out of energy by the time the parade was over.

For all you Halloween fans, you may want to stroll down College St. and Temple Ave. The people that live on these streets take Halloween serious for sure. I kid you not.

Thank you and until next month.


Mr. Personality

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