Mr. Personality: Halloween, Book of the Month and more ramblings


By MR. PERSONALITY, Special to The Paper

October, the month for Columbus Day and Halloween.

I am amazed at how fast this year is passing me by at the speed of light. Pretty much the speed in which the Courthouse Square is transforming itself. I intend to let the Courthouse Square complete its growth cycle until November, when perhaps I can better report on all of its many changes at one time.

I hear that low speed vehicles are coming to Newnan. I truly hope they do not compete with my share of the sidewalks.

The world is truly changing very fast and I am not changing with it. Reason being I can’t move that fast. I hear young people speaking what sounds like Greek or French, turns out to be simply high tech language that may as well be Greek or French where I am concerned. .

For those still into Halloween, I would suggest going to Temple Avenue and College Street. Be aware that they take Halloween seriously.

On August 20, I had the pleasure of conversing with my good friend Michael Scott on his birthday. I promised his wife Larissa I would not reveal Michael’s true age.

Let me just say that Michael Scott is not growing old as gracefully as Mr. Personality, as my good looks and youthful appearance are due to God, clean living and a pure heart. Oh yes, there was cake, yummy.

I do not see much of my dear friend and literary agent, Larissa, since she became a certified librarian in Fayetteville. It appears that the early morning commute is having an effect on her beauty sleep.

Since my birthday on Aug. 5, divine spirit has been increasing my daily blessings in so many ways. My books of wisdom are now raining down in such large numbers that I am swimming in books.

This of course brings us to my Book of the Month for October. I cannot express in words just how much I am being truly blessed through my Book of the Month.

Every book I review has some positive impact on my spiritual growth and my spiritual journey. Since coming to this state and town I meet Jesus on every corner and at every crossroads, every day. I truly feel the spiritual energy of God’s holy presence everywhere I go.

This book is titled “Jesus” by Marcus Borg. This author has written many books about Christianity and about Jesus as the historical Jesus and about the Bible. Mr. Borg explains how he sees Jesus and that there are three different views that question on Christianity, Jesus and the Bible. The author gives the reader all three views and he will express his own as well.

I suggest those that think they know about Christianity, Jesus or the Bible to read Mr. Borg’s many books. I am in the process of doing just that.

For those like me that do not read the Bible for the same reason I do not read Shakespeare, I would suggest his book, “Reading The Bible Again For The First Time.”

Until next month,
Peace, love and respect
Mr. Personality
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