Mr. Personality: He’s back on the downtown Newnan Square


By Mr. Personality, Special to The Paper

December, the month of Christmas, the reason for the season.

When I was sick, I was counting the days until I could get back out and on the streets of Newnan and the corners of the Courthouse Square. I am now on my way and as of Nov. 4, started back to work. I am happy to be back amongst the people of Newnan, yes indeed.

Keep in mind that the Newnan Theatre Company is having an online telethon for six hours of fundraising on TV for Saturday, Dec. 19. For more information, call 770-683-6282 or visit

You are going to be needing a new calendar for the new year of 2021. I suggest that you choose a Pilliard Dickle calendar. This unique fellow that creates these calendars lives right here in Newnan. You cannot shop any more local than that. You can find Pilliard Dickle online and he has a Pilliard Dickle newsletter. Check it out and yes, Pilliard Dickle is Mr. Personality approved.

My life became a daily spiritual adventure shortly after I came to this state and town back in 2013, and divine spirit has been placing books of wisdom in my path. One such book is titled “Creative Mind and Success” By Ernest Holmes.

This book, written in 1909, truly changed my life and I have been practicing the same concepts and principles and sharing them with everyone I meet for the past eight years.

The concept is indeed simple. It is about choosing our thoughts and words carefully. It seems that thoughts are expressed in words spoken out loud, which gives life to the very words spoken in accordance to the very nature of the words.

You speak many words out loud, be they positive or be they negative and this will be what you experience. Any word spoken out loud shall enter into your reality and in the material world.  So speak loving words or the hateful words is what one shall receive.

I have been practicing choosing my thoughts and words spoken out loud most carefully for the past eight years and I now have a more positive experience in doing so.

I have been manifesting my very own reality through divine spirit and the divine law simply by following the concept of this amazing book. I know that it works because I have been following and spreading the teachings for the past eight years.

Remember also that I am truly living heaven on earth for the past eight years. I highly recommend this book as it will truly transform your life in ways beyond words.

Until next time

Merry Christmas to all, peace on earth and goodwill to all humankind.

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