Mr. Personality – January


January is a brand new year, complete with a new opportunity to plant only good and positive ideas for the 2018 harvest season. May the Courthouse Square, the best kept secret of all of Georgia, grow in prosperity daily.

The treasure of the month is Allison Performance Hobbies, located on 12 Greenville Street. They have all the RC brands of cars, trucks, planes, drones and trains – all radio-control. They carry spare parts plus they do repairs. You break it, they can fix it.

Glenn McWaters, the new owner, gives out free fresh popcorn every Friday. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Mon-Fri., and Sat. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Be sure to tell them that Mr. Personality sent you and try the popcorn, it is very tasty.

My Newnan Goodwill Ambassador radio show, that comes on every Thursday at 9:30 a.m. on WQEE, 99.1 FM, is in need of sponsors. If you would like to sponsor Mr. Personality’s radio show, call Ryan O’Neal, phone is 678-673-6318.

My book titled “Personality Matters” can be found at Let Them Eat Coffee and at One Divine Design as well as at Newnan-Coweta Historical Society. The book is $25 with proceeds going to NCHS, Angel’s House and Art Rez. My 2018 calendar can also be found at NCHS.

This brand new year demands fresh new ideas as well as a brand new look for Mr. Personality. I shall be exploring new ways to extend my freedom of expression at every opportunity. This year I shall let my beard grow completely out, just for giggles.

On Dec. 15,  and 16, I had the honor to take part in the play “The Nutcracker” at the Wadsworth Auditorium. It was choreographed by Paulo Manso de Sousa of Southern Arc Dance. There was a good turnout on both days.

I was truly impressed by the devotion and professional demeanor of all the young people that made up the entire cast. I had the easy part in the play as many of the younger ones had to change costumes as much as five times during the play.

There were two things I discovered about myself while performing in this wonderful play. One is I cannot wait to see what other plays I can be included in. Two, I simply must have my very own cape.

I want to thank everyone, dancers, parents, stagehands, the young children, the entire cast and Southern Arc Dance, Paulo Manso de Sousa and all who came to watch the play as my life was enriched by the entire experience.

This amazing experience is truly a fitting end to this year, 2017, and I can hardly wait to discover what blessings the divine spirit has prepared for me in 2018; the start of year six in Newnan, heaven on earth.

Till next month,


Mr. Personality

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