Mr. Personality: July Book of the Month and other Ramblings


By MR. PERSONALITY, Special to The Paper

The month of July, Independence Day, aka July the 4th and my sister’s birthday. Things are heating up weather-wise at last. I truly thought I would end up freezing to death.

As Market Day is taking off to a good start this summer, I love to speak with all the many vendors as I can learn so much about honey, honey bees, goats and homemade soap and other things.

Last month I had the fun experience and honor of meeting two sisters from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They were indeed most uplifting and positive as their inner light shone brightly through their bright smiles. 

I could truly feel their positive energy and strong vibrations from all the way across the street. We of course had a nice chat, pictures were taken and sweet memories were made that day. What a joy they both were.

Another person I had the pleasure of meeting on the corner across from “Let Them Eat Toffee” last month was Jacob Joiner, a guitar player and this young man is indeed good. Jacob has been practicing playing guitar for four years.

Jacob enjoys coming to the same spot on the corner on Fridays from 5-9 p.m. I would love to see more people take advantage of the Courthouse Square in this manner. I would love to see people playing music, painting, taking pictures of everything.

This town is so very blessed to have such a wonderful courthouse square. I love this town more and more every day and all the kind and loving people I embrace everywhere I go.

Would it not be an amazing sight if each Sunday afternoon a church choir was singing on every corner of the square? Maybe we could bring back the ice cream socials of the past right there on the Courthouse Square.

I am truly experiencing an increase in my daily happiness due to my spiritual journey of these past nine years. Little did I know that by coming to this state and town I would enter Heaven on earth. 

I have experienced and learned firsthand about the power of spoken blessings right here in this amazing spirit-filled town. I experience “church” every day when I am sitting on the courthouse square or just conversing with someone.

This brings me to my Book of the Month titled “The Power of Spoken Blessings” by Bill Gothard. This small but powerful book is well worth reading.

We can truly simply speak blessings upon people as they hurry past us. It truly is a blessing for those receiving such a blessing and for the one doing the blessing. It is indeed a double blessing in that manner. A practice I started last month, experience this book for yourself.

Until next time,

Peace, love and much respect,

Mr. Personality   

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