Mr. Personality: The Hug Box, Red Letter Merchant and Newnan Carnegie Library


By Mr. Personality, Special to The Paper

September is the month to mark the end of super hot summer days as we begin the downhill slide into winter.

The treasure of the month for the Courthouse Square, the best kept secret in all of Georgia, is The Hug Box which is located at 13 West Washington St. The phone is 404-580-8530. Vicky Sanders is the owner and she has gift boxes for any and all occasions. Vicky and her store are so amazing that you need to experience them both for yourself.

Red Letter Merchant, located at 7 West Washington St., is not just a very unique boutique owned by Tony Caro, it is also an amazing art gallery with paintings by local artists.

Artists such as Josh Westerman who is known for his church steeple paintings and the blue forest and Autumn Penny, truly first class. Other paintings include cows, chickens as well as farm house paintings of local artist Harriet Tubman is indeed a must see to fully experience and to better appreciate such fine art.

Donna Arnold is another talented artist that has many exciting paintings on display as well.

This art gallery located inside Red Letter Merchant is indeed worthy of experiencing first hand. Cally Tony at 770-755-7142 for more details. Tell him you saw it in The Paper.

My spiritual adventures are keeping me busy as a beekeeper with holes in his pants. Each day is more surreal than I can express in words. I am truly living in an abundance of joy every day and have been for the past six-plus years.

One of my favorite places to spend my free time is the Carnegie Library as I simply like to read. I seem to learn as much about each author of each book as I do about the subject of the book.

On my last visit to the Carnegie, I found a book titled “Everyone Needs A Sam” written by John A. Winters. Yes, that John A. Winters of The Shopper and The Paper.

It is indeed a very interesting book that I could not put down. The subject is about mentors or “Sams” as John refers to them. It is about a person or many people throughout a lifetime that come into your life and have a most positive impact by providing wisdom, guidance and are quick to guard your back.

I do indeed recommend this book, but not for the subject matter or the purpose it was written. But for the deeply heartfelt emotions that were so eloquently expressed by John. I caught a glimpse into his heart, mind and character that spoke volumes of this man’s character and deep seated spiritual nature.

I truly felt the strong love that runs deeply through the very core of John, his wife Corby and the SONS of Thunder. This book is indeed a spiritual experience for me. I was deeply touched.

By the time you read this column, the book will be back at the Carnegie Library. Read it. I am waiting for the next book from John to come out. And don’t forget about my spiritual love letters. I always write back. Here’s the address: Mr. Personality, Spiritual Lover Letters, c/o The Paper, PO Box 757, Newnan, GA 30264.

And finally, don’t forget to call Bolton’s Bakery, located at 13 East Broad St., at 678-673-6680, today to order your supply of Mr. Personality cookies. They are great for children’s parties.

Until next time. Peace, love and respect.

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