Mr. Personality: New ride; a visit to Monarch House


By Mr. Personality, Special to Winters Media & Publishing, Inc.

April, the month for flowers, bees, birds and butterflies. A colorful backdrop for celebrating the true purpose of Easter.

On March 7, I had the pleasure of being a guest at Newnan Theatre Company to watch the wonderful and well done play, “The Boys Next Door,” written by Tom Griffin. The entire cast was just awesome, I truly felt the pain and joy of each of the characters. My good friend Faith Farrell was simply awesome as Sheila.

Great job, well done Newnan Theatre Company. I will be back for more.

The treasure of the month for the Courthouse Square, the best kept secret in all of Georgia, is Corner Arts Gallery and Studio, located at 30 South Court Square. They have everything from jewelry to paintings to art lessons, all handcrafted by local artists. Call 678-633-9705 for more information.

The Monarch House, located at 299 Bullsboro Drive, is the most beautiful assisted living facility I have ever visited. I was invited to attend an open house party on March 16.

I had an amazing time. The beautiful and talend Dez Ross, whom had invited me, introduced me to the owner, Victor Young, and the very talented entertainer Pete Fodero, a true professional musician that can play all the greatest hits from the 50s to the 80s. Should you need an entertainer, call 404-610-7149 and tell him he has been Mr. Personality approved.

There was a group of teenagers having fun with all of us old folks, lots of dancing and a real fun time in general . The Monarch House is the place you need to experience for yourself.

You can call Dez Ross at 404-452-4442 for more information. Tell her Mr. Personality sent you.

Perhaps you have seen me zipping around the Courthouse Square with a silly grin on my face while riding my miracle power chair. The last copy of “The Paper” even had a picture of me and my power chair with the beautiful Mrs. Corby Winters right on the front page.

Matt from Downtown Sign Shop is pimping out my “ride” and I shall be a one-man parade when he is done.

This machine is indeed my miracle chair. My good friend Ted from Wildwood Trader had been wanting to give me this power chair that used to belong to his mother and he was upset that he could not get it to work.

I told Ted that if I was intended to have his mother’s chair, that God would make a way. A few weeks ago, a fellow I never met before came up to me and offered to help me find a better way to get around than having to walk everywhere.

I told him about Ted’s power chair and this kind man got with Ted, had the power chair checked out and the batteries replaced. He then called up my landlord Jim Sells and asked permission to put a metal shed in front of my house as a garage for my new ride.

My new friend “Bob” and his grandson spent eight hours putting that metal shed together just in time for Bob to keep his appointed knee replacement that following Thursday.

For the last six years I have been blessed by divine spirit with such wonderful friends as Ted and Bob everywhere I go day after day.

Spiritual love and joy follows me everywhere I turn. I am truly blessed to be living among such loving people, yes indeed.

Thank you and until next time


Mr. Personality

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