Mr. Personality: Downtown Newnan ramblings, Book of the Month


By MR. PERSONALITY, Special to The Paper

The highlights for the month of April is Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Christ Jesus is truly risen and is walking among us daily. 

Some of you have noticed that I am completely clean shaved and BEARDLESS. A new look for me since I moved to this loving town of Newnan. I was given instructions to remove all facial hair in a recent dream by a voice that I came to know as Jesus Christ. I heard and I obeyed. 

This dream came about me as I was seeking to embrace my true self. I feel I can grow my beard back, should I desire to do so. I am not sure I will, but after all, Mr. Personality is more than my facial hair. In the second half of my life, I am devoted to following Christ Jesus and letting go of my own selfish desires one day at a time and to the best of my ability. 

I am spreading the word about a new shop on the Courthouse Square that you need to experience for yourself, as I am truly limited to express in words how amazing and unique the Baker Bag Company truly is. This sweet, colorful boutique is loaded with affordable, stylish handbags of all shapes and brands, something for everyone. The lady, Cathy, is indeed a remarkable breath of fresh air. Just meeting her is worth taking the trip to the square. You can find Baker Bag Company at 19 A East Broad Street. Phone: 215-582-3432 or go to their FACEBOOK PAGE. Tell her Mr. Personality sent you, and you may thank me later.

I want to give a shout out to Seldon’s Barbershop, right next to Baker Bag Company. The place where I had my facial hair PROFESSIONALLY REMOVED. 

The Book of the Month was given to me by a dear sweet lady that received it from her church and wanted to pass it on. See how God works? The title of the book is “Holy Moments” by Matthew Kelly. The concept of Holy Moments is indeed a tool to stay focused on our Spiritual Journey. Holy Moments are moments when someone does you a good deed unexpectedly or completely on purpose. 

I used to refer to them as Blessings. However, Holy Moments keeps the image of Christ Jesus in our minds and in our hearts. Read this book for yourself and pass on the concept of Holy Moments and allow everyone to remember their own Holy Moments  throughout each day. Spread the love of Christ Jesus throughout the entire universe through Holy Moments.

Remember that Jesus is the reason. Now is the time and you are the means.

Pease, love, and much joy & respect.

Until next time,


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