Mr. Personality: Visiting House of Light, plus more from downtown


By Mr. Personality, Special to The Paper

September, the month of cooler weather, Labor Day and Patriot Day.

 I would like to encourage people to visit 29 Jackson Street and check out the most amazing spiritual boutique that is indeed truly unique – House of Light and yes, it is Mr. Personality  approved.

It is located next to Christy’s Cafe where the bookstore used to be. I have been spending up to two hours a day there just soaking up the positive energy and powerful vibrations. They have so much to offer, you need to see for yourself so call 470-414-6711 for more information. Tell them you saw it in The Paper.

Should you be looking for me around the square, I am most likely at one of four places: House of Light, Christy’s Cafe, Red Letter Merchant and Gillyweed.

In my spare time I do visit all the other amazing stores around the Courthouse Square. I simply love the Courthouse Square, my favorite place to be.

Since my God-given transformation, I spend my time attempting to live my purpose for being here on this Earthly plane. I am well aware that my time remaining in this body is indeed running out.

I focus my heart, mind and spirit on expressing love and joy to all whom I meet upon my journey. The examples of Jesus are always on my mind. That we are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves is indeed an example I hope to express in my daily thoughts, words and behavior.

With this in mind and my admiration of John Lewis, I choose to carry a Black Lives Matter sign to support the black community.

This seems to cause a stir and a cold attitude from some. I read somewhere that we do not see things as they are, we see things the way we are. This seems to be the truth. To me, showing love for all walks of life and all of humankind is indeed a matter for the heart. Instead of standing against what we hate we should stand up for what we love

As for those that are offended by my sign, I welcome you into my circle of love, joy and compassion. You too are my neighbors and I am not withholding my love and joy from anyone. All of humankind is included and I love you all as I love myself.

Peace, love and respect.

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