So What’s The Deal About The “City Of Homes?”


So why is Newnan called the City of Homes?
We don’t have a clue. Honest.

But we know someone who does. Meet Jess Barron, 3rd generation Realtor with Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors. He writes a real estate column for us and gives you the 411 on the whole “City of Homes” issue

We consider our contributors and advertisers family. And so we want you to lift up Jess and his wife Meredith, who is way above his pay grade and what he deserves. They are the proud parents of twin girls who were just born way, way too soon.

Breslin and Bentley are at three pounds now and we need them to gain some weight

Please keep them in your prayers and consider during this season of giving to give a donation to some awesome nonprofit to help others.

Thank you

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