The Joints: A look at The Redneck Gourmet


Everyone has their “go-to” place to eat. It might be with linen tablecloths and waiters in ties, or where you throw peanuts on the floor and carve your initials in the wooden tables. Whatever and wherever, it’s your “joint.”

There are lots of these places around here, and we’re out to find them all in The Joints column. This month – it’s Redneck Gourmet in downtown Newnan.


There are certain joints in Coweta County considered “established.” By that we mean just about everyone has eaten there and when friends or business associates come to town, there’s a good chance one stop will be in downtown Newnan. Since 1991, The Redneck Gourmet has hosted political, high school and spirit night fundraisers, along with a slew of regulars, each taking their tables on a certain day of the week for breakfast.

The Redneck, as it is commonly known, is the place where you are going to see a lot of people you know. It’s unpretentious, but the food is good and a little quirky – Redneck Caviar, Scrambled Dawg and the Casey Plate as examples. It’s hamburgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, salads with a few entrees for lunch and dinner. Breakfast runs the typical fare, although some are very particular over which breakfast sandwich is the best.

The menu is up front on chalkboards, so you see a lot of neck craning, especially with first-timers. You never know who you see as it’s a must-stop for politicos and celebrities. You like it, your friends will too.

11 N Court Square, Newnan  •  770-251-0092  •  Monday – Saturday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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