The Joints: She Craft Co.


If your wanderings ever take you into downtown Tyrone, we have a place falling under the “now for something completely different” category. It’s so different, that when you ask the owners to define it, you get a “mmhhh …” followed by “probably Asian Confusion.”

Awesome is another good word to use. Adam and Lexy She are the propretitors, and if that last name sounds familiar, you are thinking of Adam’s mom, Becky She, who had restaurants throughout Peachtree City. It’s an Asian American mix, and with Adam being Chinese and Lexy a nice Southern girl, that’s how you get Black Sesame Fritters, Korean Crispy Chicken and Ta-She-Tos. Regarding that chicken, it was the first time in his life Youngest SON of Thunder refused to share.

We are pretty particular about our cheesesteaks. This was the first we’ve tried with cilantro. Ever. We will be having that again and again. They’ve even got DIY rice bowls with options from Crispy Tofu to Bulgogi Ribeye. Do not get us started on the cookies. Remember back to licking the dough or whatever off the mixer when you were little? Multiple that by a factor of 10.

It is, as they say, #shemadewithlove

929 Senoia Road, Tyrone • 678-884-6323
Monday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. Closed Sunday

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