The Little Things: Life can be nerve-wracking


(Photo above courtesy of Kaylee Robertson Photography)

By KELLY PRESTON, Special to The Paper

Alone on the mound. Bottom of the ninth. Pitching for the win.

Baseball. It’s America’s pastime. A game of failure, and yet we love it!

As I was recently watching my son pitch for his team in their All-Star tournament, I kept thinking of what it must be like for him to stand alone in the center of the field, working hard to carry his team to victory. So I asked him, “What’s it like being out there?” His response: “It’s nerve-wracking, but I just stay focused.”

Hearing this from my 12-year-old left me speechless because it’s a life lesson I needed to hear.

There are many things in this life that are nerve-wracking or causes of distress. Perhaps it’s financial struggles, relationship challenges, or health concerns. Perhaps it’s fear of the unknown. Or perhaps what causes distress in your life is being too busy.

Here we are in the middle of the summer, but are you really enjoying it? Are you able to focus on what truly matters or are you simply too busy to cherish the simple moments in life?

The older I get, the more I realize that busyness, or even the compulsion to be busy, is a thief. Busyness robs me of so much, stealing moments that I’ll never get back. And yet when I allow myself to focus on the little things and commit to slowing down, I find that I am able to enjoy the blessings this life has to offer so much more.

There are times that life feels like the bottom of the ninth with bases loaded. It may feel overwhelming, hard and even like you’re failing.

Yet perhaps the key to overcoming these nerve-wracking times is to stay focused on what truly matters.

As I think back to watching my son alone on the mound, pitching for the win, I admit that I was nervous for him. But all that really mattered to me wasn’t if they won (and they did!) but that he did it all for God’s glory.

A few questions to ponder:

What and who do I value?

What and who truly matter to me?

What can I do today to help me focus on what matters?

What can I NOT do today to help me focus on what matters?

I hope we’ll all take time to slow down, focus on what matters, and enjoy the summer … it’ll be gone before we know it!


Kelly Preston is a nurse-turned-stay-at-home-mom to four amazing and energetic children. Though she sometimes forgets to buy toilet paper amidst their busy schedules, Kelly finds time to run RACE for the Orphans, a non-profit focused on supporting adoptive families. She loves Jesus, people, a really good book, and pondering the little things.

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