Can’t Never Could observes Founder’s Month


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The Coweta County Commission and the City of Newnan have both issued proclamations designating August as Can’t Never Could Founder’s Month in Coweta County. The event is being held in August to mark the birthday of CNC’s founder, the late Rob Estes of Newnan.

On August 16, 2013, Rob was diagnosed with an incurable form of brain cancer called glioblastoma. After the removal of a five-centimeter tumor in his right frontal lobe, he lost his battle on December 17, 2017, but not without a fight. As a result of this experience, Rob’s family realized the importance of faith, community, perseverance, and hope. They also realized the importance of helping others in their times of adversity. For this reason, they founded Can’t Never Could a couple of weeks after his diagnosis. Because Rob was born on August 29, 1971— and Can’t Never Could was founded in August—CNC now honors the memory of its founder each August.

Can’t Never Could, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that is dedicated to helping individuals and groups who are facing adversity and personal battles. Through monetary donations, support, and faith in Jesus Christ, CNC aims to instill determination and hope in those who are experiencing these challenges. Can’t Never Could says it makes these contributions “with the desire to glorify Christ, who provides strength in all circumstances.”

The name of the organization comes from Rob’s mother, Martha Ann Parks. When Rob was a child and would tell her he couldn’t do something, she would often reply, “Can’t never could.”

Since its inception, Can’t Never Could has given $183,838.40 in grants to individuals facing all kinds of adversity, including those with learning differences, brain tumors and brain cancer, but also other cancers (breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, liver cancer, leukemia, and more) and other illnesses.

Can’t Never Could has also:

  • Given $25,000 to the Research and Clinical Trials Rooms at the Larry C. Orr Family Piedmont Brain Tumor Center in Atlanta.
  • Given $30,000 to the Thomas F. Chapman Family Cancer Wellness Center at Piedmont Newnan Hospital, which supports cancer patients through education, nutrition workshops and cooking demonstrations, exercise, relaxation and stress reduction, expressive art and support groups.
  • Awarded $23,000 in college scholarships to Coweta County high school students whose families have been impacted by cancer.
  • Placed “Can’t Never Could” Cares packages in local hospitals and clinics to let cancer patients know about the financial help that can be provided by Can’t Never Could and to give support and hope to those facing adversity.
  • Sponsored the annual observance of May as Brain Tumor and Brain Cancer Awareness Month.
  • Provided $7,000 in support to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for summer camp and for Bible distribution.
  • Given $26,300 in summer camp scholarships to children with learning disabilities so they could attend Squirrel Hollow Camp at the Bedford School.

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