Meet A Master Gardener Couple: Jennie and Blake Adcock


By Marci Moore, Special to The Shopper

This month, we introduce you to an incredible Coweta Master Gardener Extension Volunteer couple – our busy President-elect Jennie Adcock, and Blake Adcock, her husband.

The Adcocks have taken advantage of every volunteer opportunity that has come along since completing their training class together in 2016! Becoming certified master gardeners was one thing they could check off each of their retirement “bucket lists”!

Although Blake prefers vegetable gardening, he volunteers and offers leadership on many tasks. Jennie, who prefers flower gardening, says “it has been one of the best things we could have done in our retirement. We have met wonderful new friends whom we would never have met had we not become members of this great organization. And, we have found new and unique ways to contribute to the community that we both love.”

Blake and Jennie met at East Coweta when she was in 7th grade and he was a senior and quickly became friends. Years later, they reacquainted with each other, working together at the Coweta County Sherriff’s Office and subsequently married in 2000. Blake has three adult children, two sons and a daughter while Jennie has two adult daughters. They have seven wonderful grandchildren who all live locally and share active roles in their lives. Those grandchildren are blessed with great grandparents as these two have huge loving hearts and open them to everyone they meet.

Jennie and Blake are facing a problem many Coweta residents are facing that have been in their home any length of time. They have been in their Dresden Community home in west Coweta for twelve years and sunny areas are slowly transitioning into shady areas. Big changes to the landscape are needed. This means planning, digging up, replanting, creating new beds and finding new locations for their many gorgeous plants. It also means aching backs and long days, but it will be worth it when those plants are happy in their new locations.

Blake is a lifelong, 5th generation resident of Coweta County. He grew up in Turin, graduated from East Coweta High School, attended West Georgia College and then joined the Army. After retiring with 22 years of active service, Blake decided on a second career and went on to serve at the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office, retiring again in 2011 with 27 years of service.

After all those years of dedicated service to his community and country, he is still serving even in retirement. When he is not volunteering with the MGEVs, Blake loves genealogy research and is an active volunteer member of the Coweta County Genealogy Society, having served in several leadership positions. Blake knows many people through his service and volunteer efforts and enjoys getting together with them and reminiscing.

Jennie has lived in Coweta County since 1961. She graduated from East Coweta High School and then from Grady Memorial Hospital School of Nursing. Jennie worked in several areas of the nursing field but found her true calling in emergency nursing. After spending the final 15 years of her career working at the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office as the Medical Section Manager, she too retired in 2011. Jennie is a woman of varied interests. She is not only active in the MGEV program, but she also belongs to the Sew Crazies, a quilting group, and two traditional rug hooking groups, Dogwood ATHA and Happy Hookers. She has also served in a variety of leadership roles in all these organizations.

The Coweta MGEV program is fortunate to have such a dynamic duo in the program. You’re sure to meet them if you attend the MGEV Backyard Meeting held on the second Tuesday of each month at the Extension office located at 255 Pine Road, Newnan.

Blake Adcock. Top of the page photo is his wife, Jennie.

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