Mr. Personality: May Book of the Month and other Ramblings


By MR. PERSONALITY, Special to The Paper

May, the month of Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day. 

Yes, Newnan, we now have a book store on the Square once again. Candle Wick Book Company is a cute, cozy unique bookstore overflowing with personality, brand new books and good vibrations. It is located around the corner from the amazing The Hug Box Shop on 13 West Washington St.

Be sure to tell them Mr. Personality sent you. The phone number for Candle Wick is 706-302-1935 and The Hug Box phone is 404-594-4841.

The Courthouse Square had a very good turn out for the Art Walk and the first market day of the season.

John Winters has been busy coming up with a new and improved “The Weekly” that used to be The Shopper. And the monthly free “The Paper” is overflowing with information about Newnan, the Courthouse Square and Coweta County.

There is so much going on in Newnan and around the Courthouse Square that I do not have time or space to include it all, so you will get the highlights each month through my Mr. Personality column.

I met so many nice, kind and loving people when I moved to this sweet town nine years ago that it truly led me to start my God-given Spiritual Love Letters Ministry, that is now my daily God-given purpose for being.

My spiritual journey I speak of in my letters and monthly column is simply following the Golden Rule and following the teachings of Jesus.

The teachings of Jesus is what my book of the month titled “Discover the Power Within You” by Eric Butterworth is all about. The author claims that this is not a book about Jesus’ religion, but it is indeed a book of Jesus’ religion.

Much of the book points to the things I have experienced in my daily life such as is expressed on page 66. On page 211 is a chapter that touches on reincarnation. The author points out the difference between the teachings of Jesus and the attitude of the early church fathers.

The point of this book is as Jesus said, that what He has done we can do and do better. This is indeed the power that is within us all. The Kingdom of God is within man and the mind that is Christ Jesus is in every one of us. 

On page 175 is a chapter on the miracle of abundance. The author points out that there are no miracles but simply a misunderstanding of the power that is behind what appears as miracles that are explained in more detail on page 176.

The true miracle working power is indeed faith. As stated on page seven, Jesus knew Himself to be the expression of God and that we can discover this God expression within ourselves as well. It is the very teachings of Jesus and the point of this book 

I found that I could not put this book down. The wisdom it speaks of is wisdom I have experienced in my own life. It is truly our ministry to stay in God-consciousness that proves the power to experience our daily spiritual growth. 

This book points out that Jesus is not telling us that we may someday go to Heaven, but to know that we are already there.

Be sure to experience this book for yourself and keep walking in light of divine spirit and be a lamp unto the world. 

Peace, love and much respect.

Until next time,

Mr. Personality   

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