Mr. Personality: Still celebrating life


By MR. PERSONALITY, Special to The Paper

July, the month for Independence Day and my sister’s 82nd birthday.

On June 4, I had the pleasure of seeing Hansel and Gretel presented by Southern Arc Dance at the Wadsworth Auditorium. It was an outstanding performance by the entire cast.

The witches’ dance and the music, plus the black cat, was super cool. I loved where everyone was invited to stand up and dance at the very end. Thank you Southern Arc for a job well done.

I am celebrating life while I am still among the living. The world was not a perfect place when I was born, and it is not a perfect place now. And it will not be a perfect place when I die. 

It is, however, all that there is and I shall make the best of it while I am still here. I worry not about going to Heaven, I am already there;  the very day I moved to Newnan.

I seem to be given a strong desire for deeper knowledge about a variety of subjects that I had never thought about before.

For example, I am now interested in symbols as they have been around since the dawn of early man. They speak directly to our minds and have a deep impact upon our behaviour.

Symbols are found all over the globe, even in our dreams. The first writings were done with symbols, they are found in every art form. Numbers, letters and words are symbols. We use symbols in math, on our highways and all flags are symbols – food for thought.

Speaking of food for thought, have you ever considered how many people and the efforts it took for us all to be given life? Imagine, if you had turned left instead of right, or right instead of left yesterday, where would you be right now?

Now on to my favorite part of my column, the Book of the Month.

The Book of the Month is indeed most interestingly titled “The Only Thing That Matters,” written by the well known author Neale Donald Walsch. I found this book to be a compelling read, I just could not put it down. It truly spoke to my heart, mind and spirit much of the time.

I however believe it is too ambitious in both design and intent. The author wants to change the way people see, read and feel about God and the Bible. 

People that are born and raised into a certain religion, no matter what that religion may be, will most likely have an ingrained belief and will resist change. They may change their denomination within their accepted faith, but not their hardcore beliefs.

All of that aside, Neale Donald Walsch made a very compelling argument that I found to be sincere, inspiring and surprisingly profound, and I believe the author would do well to target the free thinkers or the uncommitted. I do recommend this amazingly well written book simply for the mental challenge that it presents.

Love you all in Newnan. Until next time. 

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