One Divine Design: Specializing in Embroidery, Screen Printing and more


Looking for that perfect gift or a top-notch business marketing idea? Think no more as One Divine Design specializes in embroidery and screen printing logos, company names and school insignia for everything from hats to shirts to t-shirts and more.

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    I received a recommendation for your from Donna Pittman. We are a martial arts studio and our embroiderer has retired. She graciously forwards all of her files to us, but she used a Tajima machine to do the embroidery. We normally have our black belts (approximately 1/4 inch thick and dense) customized per black belt candidate. We do approximately 10 per year. 5 in June and 5 in December. Please let me know if this is something your company would be able to do. Thank you so much for your time.

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