Publisher's Page: Time Outs, Tide Pods and Government Shutdowns


By John A. Winters, Publisher of Winters Media & Publications
I experienced my first “time-out” recently.
Back in my day (never thought I’d write that phrase), bad boys were sent to their room. There was no “time-out,” rather it was used to recover from the whuppin they just got, or to cringe in anticipation of the whuppin to come.
My parents’ preferred instrument of choice was one of my dad’s belts. Other friends experienced saplings, hair brushes or wooden spoons.  Honestly, often said instrument was whatever was handy.
I never had a time-out. I would love a time-out. Heck, I think time-outs should be part of every adult’s daily routine. “Sorry, not dealing with (fill in the blank here) I’m having a time-out.”

Kids today have no idea how easy they have it. But I digress.
The city of Newnan, along with its big brother, Coweta County, issued a time-out recently. Technically and legally, I believe they called it a “curfew.”
Back in my day (just used it again), a curfew meant you’d better be home or the young lady you took out on a date better be back home by such and such a time. Otherwise, well, let’s not go down that path shall we?
This curfew in question went from 5 p.m. to 10 a.m. It was the result of a snow/ice situation that hit our area. Coweta County in fact got the most snow in the surrounding counties, measuring in at 3.3 inches if I remember correctly.
I’ve lived in Nebraska, Washington, D.C., Alaska and other places where 3.3 inches is referred to as a “dusting” and nobody got too worked up. In five years in Alaska, where snow is fairly frequent, they never closed school for white powder. Ever.
Coweta closed schools for three days, which just goes to show you everything is relative.
Back to the time-out. I’m sure the county and city got a little grief about issuing a curfew. Now there were some exceptions, first responders and others in public safety; the media; people having to go to work.
That latter one made me chuckle. I can just see some guy going to work and he’s there all alone because there’s a curfew and no one is allowed out so they can’t come to his store. That’s called irony.
Personally, I’m giving the city and county a pass on this one. My reasoning is pretty simple. The curfew was issued for one group of people in particular, and that would be those who use the phrase: “hey, hold my beer and watch this.”
Public safety folks need to focus on protecting the safety, not idiots.
On a completely different subject involving idiots, let’s nix this whole “Tide Pod Challenge” now. For those in the dark, it involves kids, primarily teenage boys, challenging each other to eat one of those detergent pods you put in the dishwasher.
I’m not sure how this became a thing; nor while they are picking on Tide; nor if you must use original Tide or can branch out into Sea Breeze or Rainstorm flavors. But enough already. Back in my day (third time) you ate a bar of soap because you cussed.
How to pass a budget and avoid a government shutdown: Stick all the Congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle in a room with no Internet. They get to come out when they have reached agreement and the House and Senate approve the plan. If it’s good enough for the Cardinals electing the next Holy Father …
Oh, and no paycheck for them and no back pay either for the days the government is shut down.
I’m off for a time-out.
Until next time.