Standing United leads to a stronger Community


By Corby Carlin Winters

My parents were amazing and they gave me powerful wisdom and direction. One of the best things they taught me was that I was to treat everyone the same.

Corby Carlin Winters

You may call it equality today, but when I was eight years old, we kept it simple. My brother and I were taught to be kind to all, and know that no one was better than us no matter their color, religion, occupation or position.  Now I’m not sure my mom would be ready for what we see now – tattoos, mohawks, ear gauges, green lipstick  or even black nail polish.  But I am sure she would say, “Corby treat them all like you wish to be treated … with kindness and respect.”

I would pray my mother’s message of respect of others is being taught to everyone. May we not just teach our children, but may employers, pastors and teachers be sharing this powerful message. We are to be kind, loving, respectful and treat everyone the same, whether they are a celebrity, pro athlete, bus driver, pastor, teacher, banker, sales clerk or waiter.   But hate begets hate and rioting usually promotes more rioting. And if good people do nothing to promote love and kindness then we will have more

I attended a small Christian school and we had one African American student attending.  Frankly, I never knew if I was to call him African American or black, but I do know I called him a dear friend.  We all treated him just like all the other kids and we included him like a brother.  His nickname was Cool Breeze, but to be honest I really don’t know what his real name was.  All I knew was he was a great guy.

I have many friends who don’t look like me, don’t act like me and don’t love the things I love. But one of the most important things I do have is others in my life who believe in treating others with respect, kindness and equality.

The picture here is with my friend Jonathan, who works in a local store I like.  I often pop in just to say hello. I took this picture to promote how layering bracelets is in right now. But once I saw the photo, I knew it had a far more powerful meaning.

We need more unity, more love and more care for those that we perceive as different from us.   We need more unity than ever in our community and country.  I believe that if Johnathon needed me he knows he can count on me to come to his aid and I feel confident he would come to my rescue if I needed his help.

Remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

More and more we are using social media as a major communication tool. But calling names and voicing rude and even ugly comments is not okay. Nor is bullying, spreading rumors and false witness. That has to stop.

Throughout my life I have tried to be real, honest and transparent . I am not perfect and I do not always know the perfect way but I know that love and hope are so important. .

I have told my children since they were little to treat others with respect and I still preach that lesson. It is time to go back to a simpler time. One where everyone is treated with respect and kindness.

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