Temporary Ordinance to sunset on Saturday


From Special Reports

Main Street Newnan is reminding local businesses that the Temporary Ordinance adopted in May of 2020 for downtown Newnan will sunset on Saturday, July 31.

The Ordinance – entitled “A Temporary Ordinance for the taking of measures to encourage Business within a portion of the city’s Central Business District related to COVID-19; and for other purposes” – allowed for businesses to request expanded use of public spaces (outdoor dining, park lets, etc.) through the City Manager’s office. The expanded use of the sidewalks, alleys, parking spaces and other public spaces included outside sales of retail items and placement of tables and chairs for outside seating by restaurants.

When the ordinance sunsets, the temporary curbside delivery signs will also be removed.

Going forward, any such requests for expanded use of public spaces by downtown businesses must be made through the City Council.

Another part of the ordinance was regarding open containers for alcoholic beverages. It read from the hours of 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. on Monday through Saturday, alcoholic beverages purchased from a licensed establishment could be placed in a metal, plastic or paper container – affixed with a sticker – allowing customers to exit the establishment and possess and consume an alcoholic beverage on the public sidewalks and alleys and streets where permitted with in the City’s Central Business District.

The Newnan City Council, however, will discuss making the open container district permanent. They will host a 2nd hearing at the next meeting on Aug. 10.

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