The Trends – November 2018


Big, Bold and Fabulous Lashes

Lashes are as popular now as there were in the 1970s. I’ve done all kinds of research, talked with countless women everywhere and tried many options myself to get those long, glamorous lashes. Women can try lash extensions available in boutique salons like Kat Eyes in downtown Newnan or a locally owned  franchise such as Amazing Lash.  These extensions last about three weeks and come in all sorts of styles. However, they need to be taken care of and don’t do well with showers or lots of crying. I’m serious about that last point. If you cry too much they might just fall off.

You can also buy drug store brands and change them as you wish. But practice makes perfect here and choosing the appropriate length for your face is important if you want them to look more natural. You need a good glue so they don’t fall off during an important event.

Some women have chosen Latisse, which was used to treat glaucoma and then proved to grow long lashes. It can be purchased at Physlim Weight Loss and Wellness.   

Is The Farmhouse Style Right For You?

The farmhouse look is popping up everywhere, from the big city to our neck of the woods. If you are looking for some very unique and special items for your home then check out Senoia’s The Good Junk Company, nestled in a quaint space filled to the brim with Good Stuff and “The old farmhouse style and decor for the modern farmhouse.” The farm look is really making a home a comfortable casual place to live and design is only limited by your imagination.

Newnan and Georgia Pride Strong

Looking to share your hometown pride? Try out some note cards. You can check these out at  Gillyweed in downtown Newnan. If you are looking for everything Georgia, then check out The Classic Market owned by Denise Pryor. The shop is full from top to bottom with all things Georgia. You will find everything from dish towels, pillows, to baby and children gifts and books. They also carry Georgia wines, which you can sample for a small fee.

A Little Fashion Scoop

Just in case you did not hear, cargo shorts and pants are supposedly out. I am not sure I agree with that myself but the eldest SON said so. However, I love them on guys myself. They hold all kinds of fun gadgets like keys, wallets, knives, change, and whatever else guys like to haul around.

And sadly I should not have to say, pajamas are never okay in public for anyone. That’s just never okay. And I also suggest you do not need to wear slippers either.

Now when it comes to cute yoga pants and fitness clothes, you are just fine. We live in a busy time and clothes that can go from the gym to the grocery store is all good with me. Want to run from yoga to the grocery or pick up the kids and still look fabulous? It’s possible. Check out for some great looks. It’s run by designer Alison Page, a native Georgian who also uses proceeds go to help cancer victims. Her athletic wear looks so much better than pajamas, which belong in the house and should never be taken outside.

Enjoying a stress-free holiday 

Having a special and stress-free holiday season is a timeless trend we all would love to have, wouldn’t we?  Everyday life can be stressful enough, but holidays simply add more pressure during that season. To make things go more smoothly we sometimes feel compelled to be someone we’re not. We think others will like us more.  But I hope you don’t fall for that thinking. Be your true authentic self.  True friends and family will like you no matter what.

So, during the holidays carve out some time for yourself and also for that special someone. Remember it’s not just about carving the turkey. Find time to relax, breathe and renew.

Don’t put off holiday shopping and some of the best gifts are free such as a simple hug or word of encouragement. Perfect is overrated. You don’t need a perfectly cleaned house or dinner. Remember to celebrate the moments with friends and family.

Shopping this Christmas can save the planet

Holiday shopping is ramping up and that means lots of plastic shopping bags to hold all our goodies. If you want to do your part to save planet, then this is the perfect time to invest in shopping bags, which can be reused.

I have to be honest and admit I haven’t done this – yet. But I admire all who do. So I am going to try this out and give it my best effort. I ran into a friend with all types of reusable bags she keeps in her car. “The only plastic I carry now is my credit card,” she said. You can get these bags at places like Lee-King Pharmacy and many grocery stores.

Check out market bags from Blue Fern.

Holidays  Helping  Others 

The holidays are not just about “you.” That is what I have often told The SONS. As we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is a perfect time to see how we can give and not just get this giving season. There are many nonprofits that can use your help this year and you can check out website.

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